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About Rohit Land Development

Rohit Land Development is committed to creating sustainable communities. This division differentiates itself from other developers by focusing on living, rather than housing. Our goal is to develop multi-generational neighborhoods, offering a variety of home styles to suit any lifestyle.

Rohit Land Development has a large sense of pride in its communities and strives to inspire residents to feel the same. From our selection and planning of land, the inclusion of vast green spaces, and our aesthetically pleasing architectural guidelines, we ensure that our developments reflect our high standards without compromise.

A major component to the success our neighborhoods is the selection of industry leading builders. Rohit Land Development works to create niche opportunities within our communities for our builder partners, allowing them to showcase their best products.

With an active role in residential planning, Rohit is a trusted member of the Urban Development Institute. This continual innovation allows us to create neighbourhoods that stand the test of time.